She sat at the table in the airport lounge, slowly sipping from a cup of now luke warm coffee. Remnants of an airport sandwich, not digestible at the best of times, lay before her.

She looked out the window and saw nothing but a gray mass of nothing. Everything was grounded by the gray fog that had rolled in several hours ago. And looked like the fog was here to stay for now.

She looked at the woman whose refelction looked back at her from the window. She looked tired, but her blue eyes twinkled in the reflection. No wonder she looked tired; it had been a long, long day. Here she was, not going anywhere, just watching the hands on the clock slowly tick away the seconds.

She looked again at the reflection and brushed away a straggling strand of blond hair from her face, once again resetting the pony tail that held the rest of her hair in some semblance of order. Her eyes again showed that slight twinkle, a faint smile spread across her lips at a memory.

He had said her eyes were the first thing that had attracted him to her. She laughed at that thought, her reflection laughing with her. Was it all those months ago they had met? She looked out the window again, her mind drifting back to their first meeting.

It had been a glorious sunny day on a sunny West Indian Island, she had been resting besides the pool, soaking up the rays. She had not noticed him, that was until he fell over her, dropping his drink complete with ice cubes, on her in the process. She had jumped up forgetting the undone top part of her bikini, which did not jump up with her. Her eyes! Sure he had noticed her eyes. She laughed, his eyes had nearly popped out of his head when she had sat up like that.

They had started talking then, once she had sorted her attire out, a talk that went on the rest of the day. That night they had gone out together; they had danced, talked and kissed until the sun started to rise in the night's sky. They had walked along the beach, two sets of foot prints just being visable in the pink touched dawn light. Then a final kiss, and the knowledge that this was something special.

The rest of the holiday went by in a dream of happiness, days and later nights in each other's arms, as indeed they were filling each other's hearts. Learning about each other as only lovers can do.

All too soon, it was time for her to leave.

Her eyes had taken days to recover from the tear drops that were shed that last day, and her heart even longer.

Now here she was at a fog-bound airport.

She finished her last dregs of coffee. "Oh, well," she said to herself. No more trips for her for now; it was time to get back to work. And after work, she smiled, he would be there waiting for her as he always was at the end of her shift, to take her back to their new home. Both of them had found the love that was meant to be for them on that holiday.
And now they were together forever.

Barry Eva 2000