It had been a long couple of days, and sleep leaden eye lids felt like they were being propped open by matchsticks, as once more I started to try and scan the skies. I did not know what I was looking for; all I had was a memory, a beautiful memory, and the soft feel of a kiss that still tingled on my lips. Sleep was not far away and with it would come the memory, the happiness and once again the pain. Then the whole cycle would start again. The constant scanning of the skies and the searching for an Angel.

When had it started? Days, weeks maybe even months ago. I tried to think--it had been one fine spring day. Letting out a little laugh, I realized it had only been last month.

I had been walking through some small hills, while on a spring vacation. Enjoying the countryside and just being with nature. The day was fine, the sun shone, and I was at peace with the world.

Suddenly, as can only happen in England during the spring, the weather changed. Before I could gather myself and start heading back to the safety of the inn where I was staying, the hills were covered in mist.

I made my way slowly along the path. As I went further on, I found myself lost, totally, utterly lost.

I came upon a small cave in the hillside, where I decided to rest until the weather cleared. I was not bothered, I had food and water, if the weather didn't break for a while. I settled down looking out into the mist, breaking off a piece of chocolate.

As I gazed into the mist and munched on another square of chocolate, the mist made the shapes of the rocks outside look like all kinds of monsters and demons. I laughed at the tricks the mist was playing on my imagination, for one of the shapes almost looked like a person walking towards me. I looked again, straining to make out the shape. It was not a trick of the mist, it was a person and they were heading straight for the cave where I now sat huddled against cold and damp.

I stood and waved. The figure, seeing me, waved back and was soon in the cave with me. I helped them struggle out of their rucksack. They turned to face me and I was looking into a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole life. The person pulled down the scarf from around their face, the blue orbs were only then out-dazzled by the brilliant smile, which was aimed in my direction. She held out her hand, for it was obviously a she, even the layers she wore could not hide that fact.

“Hi,” came a sweet singsong voice that sent a warm shiver through my body “I'm Amy Looks like we're here for a while.”

I grinned, “Sure does. Would you like a piece of chocolate?” sweet talking fool that I am. I thought.

She smiled that smile again and took the proffered piece.

She sat down next to me and soon we were talking about the climbing, the weather and ourselves. I knew her name was Amy, and that she was a frequent climber of these hills. In fact, she said this was like a second home to her. When the mist came down, her only thought had been to find her way to the cave.

The sky darkened and the weather showed no sign of clearing. Realizing we might be here for the night, we took stock of our provisions. We both had water and some food. Aside from the one blanket at the base of my rucksack, we had nothing else to keep us warm through the cold night. I hunted around the cave, using a small flashlight I kept with me and found some dry wood, which we soon used to start a warming fire.

We chatted and before I knew it, I was telling Amy all about my life. She seemed to understand every thing I said. She did not make comments, just the odd word of agreement or knowing, but I knew she understood everything.

I laughed “You’re like a guardian Angel,” I said “the way you understand these things.” I looked up as she caught her breath and a look flashed across her face, temporarily removing the smile, but only for a second. Instead of saying anything, she moved closer and my arms went around her automatically as her body molded into mine.

We lay there and the fire slowly faded and died. It was cold but we had each other. As the night went on, hugs turned into kisses and what had began as two total strangers, turned into lovers. It seemed so natural and so right. As we lay together afterwards, soft kisses and tender words faded and soon led to sleep.

I don't know when it was or what woke me. The sun was just starting to fight its way through the mist and I felt so warm and so comfortable, like being covered by a feathered quilt. I moved to find Amy and the softness moved with me. My half sleeping eyes realized that indeed feathers, feathers that belonged to a set of wings, covered me. Two lips gently kissed mine and I saw a golden halo surrounding the face of my Amy.

“Hush” she said “You’re all right. I told you this was my second home, but now I must return to my first. You are safe and the mist is starting to clear.”

She stood then, an Angel shining bright, and I just stood there unable to move. She moved and gently, softly kissed me on the lips. “That,” she said “Is for being you”. She kissed me again, a kiss so soft, and so full of love, my heart seemed almost to grow wings like my Amy’s.

“And that,” she said, “is so you won't forget me, as I will never forget you.”

With that, the light around her grew brighter, and slowly with a last look of pure love, she turned and started to walk away, moving up towards the lifting clouds.

A last look and a faint voice that said, “Never forget me and what we are. I will be with you always, just look for me, and I will be there.”

Then she was gone.

The mist cleared and I was alone again, I could not move, didn't want to move. Something had just happened to me, which I could not understand. I was still sitting there hours later just staring up into the clouds, when the mountain rescue people found me. They thought I was suffering from exposure or mountain sickness. How could tell them I was in love with an Angel?

So here I was, as I had been every waking moment I could spare, walking the hills and just gazing at the sky, dreaming of a pair of blue, blue eyes and a smile that outshone the sun. I know she is there no matter where I am. And one day, we will be together again, my Angel, and I.

©Barry Eva 1999