The airplane landed with a bump, waking him from a sleep partly created by the length of the trip, and partly by the free drinks that were available during the flight. As he tried to pull himself out of sleeps mire, the lights flashed on stating that "passengers should remain in their seat belts". He looked down realizing that somebody must have strapped him in, as his seatbelt was done up.

An airhostess walked by and smiled at him.

"So awake at last sleeping beauty"

He blushed with the thought of who had done up has belt, and the dreams he had been having

The plane stopped and he collected his hand luggage and made his way out of the plane onto the sun backed tarmac of the airport. Without thinking he sheltered his eyes from the suns glare, as he tried to look round, not knowing exactly what to expect. But then an airport was an airport, all be it on a tropical island or in the center of a big city. Just the weather and the music changed, the music? He looked down the stairs and there was a welcoming band playing music of the islands, not only that but dark skinned girls in colorful dressís were placing garlands of flowers round each passengers neck as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

When it was his turn, a vision in a pale blue dress placed the flowers around his neck, and when there eyes met, just for a moment something seemed to hit his heart like a hammer blow. She must have felt something too, as for a brief second, she stopped, and a look of puzzlement crossed her face, before the next passenger, pushed him from behind, greedy for their turn to be welcomed to this tropical isle.

He made his way to the waiting bus, after first queuing for what seemed an age for his luggage. This he soon learned was the normal slow pace of the island, where nothing seemed to be worth hurrying for.

The bus drove him to the hotel where he was going to stay one of only a few on the otherwise unspoiled location. He had searched for a long time to find this idyllic spot,. The bonus money he had received for the year ends work, was something he was not used to and he had been determined to make the most of both the money and the vacation.


The hotel was bright the rooms, pleasant and the local people always seemed to have a smile playing on their lips.

He unpacked his case, and hit the shower to remove the dirt and tiredness from his traveling. A knock on the door, proved to be the fresh drink and food he had ordered, and soon, he was replenished and ready to start looking round his new surroundings.

The day went to prove what a good choice he had made, and every where he went the people and the atmosphere lifted his spirits, soon he found himself walking at the same pace, and for the first time in many months actually relaxing.


The day went by to fast even at the islands slow pace, and after a wonderful welcoming buffet in the hotel, he fell asleep in his room, the soft gentle sounds of the waves from the near bye beach soon had him in a deep restful sleep,

He woke the next morning to the sound of the island, birds filled the trees, music seemed to come from every location, and the sound of people on the beach soon had him changed and ready to take in the sons rays.

A while later he was lying on the warm sand, listening to the sound of the waves and taking in the suns. He looked up as a shadow crossed the sun, and his eyes moved slowly from two golden brown legs to a body where they wanted to linger to the smiling beautiful face of a girl. Something seemed to click in his memory, as the where he had seen her before, then he relaised it was the girl from the airport.

She smiled, and at him " I hope you are enjoying your stay" she said in a voice that made his toes curl, and flashed him a s mile that made him realize he just had on a pair of swimming trunks that did not really hide his feelings.

He looked at her again and smiled back at the same time losing himself in a pair of the deepest brownest eyes he had ever seen.

"After the welcome that gave me, how could I do anything else but enjoy it her" he replied, and thought he saw a small tint of a blush flit across her face. Quick to make up for this he asked her if she would like a drink. Again she smiled that smile and moved with him to the near bye beach bar.

They sat together for some time, watching the people in the sea, and on the beach, making conversation about the island and the holiday, until before he knew it the sun and started to set in the sky. She looked at her watch,, "I have to go, another plane is landing soon, and another group of people to welcome.

She must have seen the look of disappointment cross his face for she quickly added, "But there is a BBQ in your hotel tonight, perhaps I could meet you there?"

A wave of relief spread through him, and he nodded his head, thinking of to many things at the same time to answer her. She leant forward and kissed his cheek. "Later" she said, and flashed those eyes at him once more.

He finished his drink, and hurried back to the hotel, spending the time writing the postcards he had promised, then getting ready for what he could only call a date.

He saw her as he entered the BBQ area, a fresh flower in her hair to match the color of the dress she wore. He moved to her, and could swear the smile on her face was for him, as the pushed through the crowd to meet him.

The food was wonderful, and the bright lights and color, sounds and people were only outmatched by the smile on the face, and the deep brown of the eyes of the angel, who was by his side. After a while, she slipped her hand into his, in what seemed to be the most natural thing to do,. They walked round the gardens, talking in soft whispers, learning about each other, her name he soon knew was Chrissa, something knew to him, yet magical to his heart.

Son she lead him away from the crowd, to the moonlit beach, and as the waves lapped round there feet, they kissed, the stars filled the heavens and her eyes, and they both knew what was meant to be.

From that day on through the rest of his holiday they spent every moment, day or night they could together. He learnt about her, the island, they learnt about each other. He met her family, and felt at once at home, in the warm welcoming group of people.

Days soon rushed by, and they grasped every moment, lived for each other, neither wanting what they had to end, yet both knowing that it had to.

At last it was their last night together, and they took a blanket down to the beach and under the stars made love with a deep feeling that only true lovers know.

She walked with him to the airport, their hearts breaking at the thought of being apart. She kissed him, tears filling in those deep orbís that melted his heart with every look. His own eyes brimmed with tears, and his heart ached until he thought his chest would explode.

At last she looked at him. "Go" she said, "go and do not look back, I can not take it if you did" he voice broke as tears once more filled her eyes. "Just never forget me, never forget our love, and that there is a brown eyed girl from the islands that loves you more than any one has ever loved" She broke away as sobbing filled her, and her eyes clouded with the veil of her tears. He leant and kissed her. "I will write, I will remember and I will always love you" At this he turned and though his heart cried "turn, turn, stay with her." He made his way to the waiting plane.

Just once as he looked at the window, tears filling his eyes, he thought he saw a glimpse of her standing looking up at the departing plane, before the vision was lost as the journey back to his home and reality started.

For weeks, his heart ached every second of the day, his luggage lay unopened, as if it would be needed again any moment. His working day passed without him knowing what was going on. Many of his friends talked to him of his holiday, asking him about it all., but only when he spoke of his brown eyed Chrissa did his face light up. His evening were spent writing letters, emails, or whatever he could to let his angel know how he felt. Pages about himself and his feeling spilled from his heart each day.

At last after several weeks, the smell of the unwashed clothes in his suitcase, made in finally open it, tears spilled from his eyes as sand fell from shoes, each grain reminding him of a moment with his love.

He finally placed the clothes in the washing machine, and was starting to clear up the sand that littered his bedroom, when there was a knock at the door.

Wiping his eyes, he made his way down the stairs and opened the door. His heart stood still, as a flash of a smile, and a pair of brown, brown eyes, were all he saw before his arms were filled with the woman he would love forever.

Tears of joy now filled their eyes, as they hugged each other, again and again, "why?, How?" he started to say, but the words were lost in a kiss that made everything else disappear.

He did not need to know any more, she was here, with him, his brown eyed girl from the islands, could not live without him, as he could not live without her. And now they were together, forever.

Barry Eva 2003