Just to think it had only been ten hours since she had arrived in the country, ten hours since we had met, since I had first kissed the lips for real, that I had kissed so often in the net.
He had not known what to do, they had of course hugged and kissed at the airport, but that was all. Each was not quite sure, she of course was jetlagged from her trip, and he had not wanted to rush things.
Once back to his small, but after hours of work, clean flat they had talked for a while, though everything was still very strained. He explained he had arranged a special dinner that night, so she should perhaps get some sleep to ease the jet lag. She willingly took him up on this, kissed him once more, this time, he felt it was a little more tenderly, and went of to the spare room to sleep.

He had hoped this would happen, and put his plan into action.

When Mindy woke from her sleep feeling very much more refreshed than when she had arrived, there hanging on the door, was a beautiful dress, it was shades of green and brown and seemed to change colour in the light just like she thought her own eyes did. She was still looking at the dress when there came a gentle knocking on the door.
Brian came in and caught her eyes going to the dress smiled.
“Well” he said “We have a special dinner date to go to tonight, and I was not sure if you would have brought a dress, let alone it is not creased from the journey”.  She started to try and talk, but he hushed her.
 “I hope you like it, I know it’s the right size, I remember that at least” She did not try and speak, instead came up to him, and kissed him, not with the hesitant kiss as when they had first met, but with a kiss he had only dreamed of.

“Hey” he said breaking away all so soon for the both of them, “You have to get ready, if we’re to make the dinner. The baths running, and there are all the things you like (I hope he thought) for your bath in there”

She marvelled at him, how did he manage this, the dress, and everything else.

As if reading her thoughts he smiled “Well we do know most things about each other darling don’t we? Now go have a good soak we have about an hour before the car will come for us”

He left her then, she looked lost for words, and his face lit into a huge grin as the plan had started to come together.

She lay soaking in the bath; not quite able to take in all that was going on, sure enough every bath oil, soap, and fragrance that she liked seemed to be there for her. She smiled, suddenly so happy that she had made the flight, and was here with her sweet Englishman.

An hour later he knocked gently once more on the door, the voice that sent his heart swirling round his chest, told him to come in.

He entered and his words died in his mouth as he gazed up the loveliest creature he had ever seen. The dress fitted her wonderful figure really well, it just emphasised her beauty, it was the rest of her, the smiling eyes, the lips, and the hair everything she was so beautiful. He could do nothing but gaze.

She giggled. “You like?”
He laughed “I like” he said, but his heart said I love, I love
She looked him up and down, “hmmm, not so bad your self” as he gave a mocking twirl so she could see the effort he to had made.

Taking her hand, he went to kiss her, She scolded him “hmm hmmm, no messing up the lipstick” They both laughed.

There came ringing of the door bell

Taking her hand he took her to the waiting car, for some reason, not through the lounge but out the side door. She stood there looking at him then at the car that waited for them.  It was a shining silver Rolls Royce, complete with chauffeur in a smart blue uniform

They drove for around 15mins like lords and ladies their hands holding each other’s, he pointing
Out various sites, but all the time lost in each others eyes, lost in each other.

At last the car drew to a standstill, and the chauffeur opened the door, as she got out she could not believe it, they were back where they had started from, she looked at him, but all he did was smile, and place his finger on his lips.

They thanked the driver, and then he took her back to the house, this time through the front door.

He let her enter, and this time it was her turn to gasp. What a change to the room, there was a small table in the centre, and the lighting was dimmed, soon to be replaced by the gentle flicker of candle light has he lit the sweet scented candles, he has placed round the room. He took her coat, and showed her to the table, moving the chair for her to sit-down. He lent forward and kissed her, she kissed him back with the love that was growing with every beat second of there being together. The candles spread their magic around the room, and he turned on the stereo, and the air was filled with gentle music. Each track he had picked with care, meaning something to them or to her.

Her eyes flashed in the candle light as he produced a melon starter, not any melon, but one shaped with love and tenderness, it was like a yacht ready to sail on an ocean of life. He had practised on enough melons to float an armada, let alone a boat, but it was worth it to see the look on her face. She looked him, then at the masterpiece before her. “Did you make that?” she asked not sure what to think.
She thought she new all there was to know about him from there chatting together, but all this.

He smiled to himself, all the work, the slaving, the planning had all been worth while, just to se the look of utter happiness on her face.

They started to eat one course followed the other, each one he had planned, practised and slaved over, and with each one her amazement increased. The music in the background told a story, the tunes wove a web of their meeting and their love affair.

Eventually the candles flickered and started to go out, the last dregs of the wine were drunk, the last plates cleaned, and the music slowly came to the end of the tape. They sat there, no longer strangers, no longer shy of one another other. Holding hands, looking into each others eyes, holding hands, whispered words often typed, now spoken in the husky voice of love.

She broke the spell, “Wow love, I know I told you I wanted a candle lit dinner but that darling was unbelievable, how did you manage it all” he laughed
“You should have seen the failures, and don’t think about going into the kitchen”

He took her hand, turned the tape over, and soft music filled the room, he lead her to the couch, and she slipped into his arms as easily as she had slipped into his heart. She snuggled up, feeling so right so safe; this was how they were meant to be. It also was so, so right when he slipped a ring over her finger.

She kissed him then nothing held back, all the love that had grown over the time they had known each other, exploded in one a moment of passion that went on and on, tunes followed tunes, and there hearts melted and moulded into one. Eventually without a word being said, hand in hand they stood, blow out the candles, turned off the light, and moved towards bedroom.

As they left the room, she turned to him, and with a sly wink she said “Tomorrow you can clean up your mess in the kitchen, but for the rest of our lives darling we will do it together”

Barry Eva 2006