He took the CD out of the case, and carefully placed it on the player. Then settled back in his chair as the music started to fill the room, from the surrounding speakers. Drowning the soft murmur of a summer evening that was wofted gently in through the open window on the warm evening breeze.

My Ladies a wild flying dove
My Ladies she's wine

Oh, she had certainly been like a dove, soft, even a little timid almost from the first time he had seen her.

He remembered so well that first time they , he had been doing his regular late shopping, always at the last minute remembering he needed to eat as well as enjoy himself.
The supermarket, thank-goodness was now open 24hrs, and his late night refill of the fridge had become a weekly trip.

He was just sorting out this weeks TV dinners, when he caught her looking at him. At a first glance she was not beautiful, her face perhaps not perfect, her body, perhaps a little full. But her eyes smiled, hitting him like a laser beam. All this he noticed in one brief second, and without thinking, smiled back at her.

"Not cooking, like Mother used to make" he laughed

She jumped at his words, although he had brought her out of another world, for a moment, she looked like a... like a frightened bird.

"Oh" she said "perhaps you need to learn how to cook better"

She smiled and started to turn away. And with that smile, the wheels for the next few months started to click into motion.

The next week he made a point of being in the store about the same time of night, each time making sure he bought "proper" food. Then one night with a chicken and fresh vegetables in his basket, he was waiting at the checkout when a voice behind him made him start.

"Now that food looks a lot better"

He turned and there she was, and as she smiled he felt like a hammer blow hit him in the heart. He tried to remember all the plans, clever lines he had thought about saying to her, all the things he thought he might do at this very moment, but his mind became and empty void. Instead he just smiled at her and carried on putting the food into the bags.
He was just moving away when the words flooded back to him.

"Errr" he said, what a good start "Errrr, if you really want to see if I can cook, why don't you come round for dinner tomorrow night?"

The smile on her face seemed to flit away for a moment, and a timid bird appeared for a brief moment, then she smiled, and once more her whole face lit up.

"Well, what have I got to lose?" she said, and for the first time he noticed that she held a basket of TV dinners.

So the date was made, and by the time she arrived at his house, so was the meal. He took her coat, and their hands briefly touched. It was like a bolt of electricity went through him.
The evening flow by, the plates were left, and soft music filled the air, talk turned to silence, as they took their first kiss, then a second, and a third. By the time she left the house, the first pale kiss of dawn, was just touching the night sky. And he knew he was falling in love..

The music once more penetrated his thoughts.

She tells me she's learning, how full he cup can be
She asks me to help her, but I know she's teaching me

Special moments of them being together, came and went, floating through his mind on the words of the song.

The night they had lain together under the stars, wrapped in each other, saying volumes, without saying a word. And when he had reached for her, she came to him,, with a need and a want that took him by surprise. The moon and the stars could tell much that night, but two hearts new just how special it had been.

The night they had got caught in the storm together, coming home like a couple of drowned rats. and as they fell laughing through the door, throwing off their sodden clothes, the look of pure happiness he saw on her face. The way they had plunged together under the welcoming hot shower. The water had long stopped being needed by the time they had left the shower. She had started to dry her hair, when she suddenly turned round on him, although she must say something. And then with a smile that filled his heart with pure happiness, the timid bird went away, and she said.

"You know I love you, and I'm yours for as long as you want me."

His mouth went very dry, and he could not speak for what seemed to be a long while, until finally, with what seemed to be a very husky effort, he said

"And that is forever"

Again the words of the song came echoing through his thoughts

She whispers each evening, she's mine, mine, mine"

There after their lives had been as one, with each other, and with themselves. She moved in with him and plans were made, family's were met, and everything in their life was wonderful

Then came the day. He had come home from work, and found her not there!
A small clipping of news paper fell from the opened CD case, he picked it up, and read the words, he knew by heart


The headlines shouted out to him, piercing his very soul
He could remember the endless questions from the police and the media, the sleepless nights worrying, trying not to think what might have happened to her.

As tears pricked his eyes the music once more squeezed into his thoughts

My ladies a wild flying down
My Lady she's wine
She whispers each evening
She's mine, mine, mine

She had been such a fragile dove.

He remembered the joy, the hysterical wonderful joy, as a few weeks later, she had turned up at a hospital. How she had been in an accident, and lost her memory, and how the hospital and the police helped him, guided him to be where she was.
The shock of how she looked when he first saw her, tubes, everywhere, and not the love he knew.

Weeks of sleepless nights bey her bedside, holding her, caring for her, protecting, his dove from the world

The music finished, and he finished his drink, slowly standing to turn the music off.

She whispers each evening, she's mine, mine, mine"
The music slowly died, just had she had done, in his arms, leaving him alone, with a heart ripped in two his dove had come home, and then left him, flying to a better place
Leaving him with so much love, he knew she would be there waiting, for him.
"My ladies a wild flying dove
My lady is wine
She whispers each evening
She's Mine, mine, mine

NOTE: "Wild flying Dove" is a song written by Tom Paxton

Barry Eva 2002