He stirred and half-waking felt without touching, the body beside him. For a moment panic set in. Where was he? His mind tumbled and with his waking, the knowledge flooded back to him.

He felt the softness and the warmth of the velvet skin touching his, sending little electric shocks through his wakening nerves and smiled to himself at the sweet aching he felt in his body. As his thoughts slowly broke through the night's fog, he started thinking about what had happened the night before.

It had all been like a dream, a play being acted out in slow motion. Was it only yesterday after all this time, that he had landed in the place he had only dreamed about? He had looked into those eyes, now covered by sleep's shutters, but bright sparkling orbes of sunshine when she had looked at him, he had been lost in the sunshine he had only dreamed about. Then down to her soft velvet lips that tasted like the honey of the gods, that to now had been just wishes in his well of dreams.

Sheets, crumpled like white clouds tossed in the ocean of a summer's sky, only half covered the body next to him, flung in the wild abandonment of their love making. The evening had been one of discovery; each wanting to take the other higher and higher. He had given all he could and then found more. She had roused him, driven him, giving him in return for each act the love and caring that only she could give.

At last they had lain there, gently kissing each other, whispering words that meant nothing and said everything until they were lost into each other's mouths as again they kissed. Until at last, still wrapped in each other arms, night's cobwebs had claimed them.

He had woken several times at her stirring, each time feeling the world was his, as the feel of her softness in his arms, and the gentle breathing of her contentment. She snuggled up against him, his arm curled around her, wanting to never let her go, holding her where she belonged. She stirred and gently called his name, her eyes opened, those amber eyes, like twin suns shining with the love and care that had been just in his dreams until now.

He moved to kiss her once more, and his fingers started to trace down her body, as she reached for him andůsomething hit his head!..bursting the images of his dream

He opened his eyes, angry at being woken from his daydream, wanting to know what happened next. Squinting against the summer sun, it took him a few seconds to realize where he was. The beach, the sea, his holiday, it all came back to himů just as he wished his dream would.

He looked around noticing a beach ball, which obviously had been the cause of his waking. Suddenly his vision was filled by a pair of shapely female legs. His eyes moved slowly up across a body better than any dream, and into a pair of eyes that smiled down at him.

The woman smiled down at him with a smile that out shone the summer sun. "Sorry about the ball hitting you, I hope it did not wake you from anything interesting?" She laughed and his heart did a gentle leap in his chest.

He smiled, as did she, and he lost himself in those eyes, bright amber eyes, like twin suns.

Perhaps it was not a dream after all, he thought, but a vision, a snapshot of the future. Only time would tell, but this was a start.

Barry Eva 2001