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The first kiss of dawn, touched nights-black sky, and caused the world to start wake for another day. In a small room, a lone figure tossed in his bed. Sheets scattered, tossed, like the wave caps of an autumn storm at sea. One arm flung wide across the pillows, his body seemingly unable to keep still tossed around in the sheets, a film of sweat coating his naked torso. As the first suns rays lit the window, with a cry he woke, dragging his mind from the deep mire of nights dreams.

It had happened again, that same dream, that same feeling of helplessness that had filled his life so many times over the last nights, it seemed like forever, but had only been since the fateful day.

He rose from the bed, shaking, and went to the bathroom. The reflection that gazed back from the mirror, shook him. His face was gaunt, haggard, dark circle smudged his eyes, which were red with lack of sleep. A film of sweat covered his forehead. He leant on the sink, as wave after wave of nausea ran through his body, sending his head spinning so he had to hold on for fear of falling.

He gripped the side of the sink until his head cleared, and splashed water over his face to try and stop himself from shaking.. He remembered the day, the day he had uttered those words, that now had come to haunt him and from today, his life would change.

A knock on the bathroom door made him jerk up, sending his head spinning again. “Hurry up” said a voice “You going to be in there all day” He stumbled to the door, and opened it to see the smiling face of his best friend Mike.
“God” Mike said “ You look really rough!”
He mumbled some vague obscenity, and stumbled back to his bedroom.

Looking out the window, his eyes half closed against the mornings suns glare, he took some deep breaths and the room finally stopped it’s spinning.

Today was the day, when his would change, though it had really changed since that fateful day he had first asked his love to marry him. Now today was the day, his stag night had been one hell of a night, and he was suffering. But today and he smiled at the thought, picturing his soon to be bride. But today, it would be all so worth while.

Barry Eva 2002