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I remember the day as we walked to the station, there like a brother trying to be strong for you. Holding your suitcase with you walking there beside me, not wanting to look at the tears that were there lying just under the surface of your emotions.  Seeing  the redness of your lip as you bit it trying not to let the dam give way and the world to see how you felt. You in your best dress, and me in my work clothes, words could not be said, you were going away.  Like a big brother I was there with you, nobody else to say their good byes, I should have put in for a half day, but the thought of you leaving and swept that away from my thoughts.

As we walked,  like the fog dissolving under the first rays of the morning sunshine, slowly my cloudy thoughts began to crystallize. You were going away, the person who had been my friend, and my confidant, the girl whom I had seen change into a woman, you were leaving.

The thought of losing your friendship, suddenly disappeared and I knew that what we had was more, so much more than friendship. I looked at your face, pale beneath your summer hat, and knew that I had been blind for so long. My heart jumped realizing that I loved you, and that you had told me in so many ways over the past years just how much you cared for me.

All to soon, we were at the station, on the cold platform, all the words have gone, along with all the plans, the hands of the clock, slowly erasing the moments we still have together. Your hand shaking, slowly slips into mine and I know this small instant, I should tell you to stay, tell you not to go, but the words will not come

I hold you in my arms, my heart crying out don't go, don't go, and I see in your eyes the heartache, and then the discovery as you see my own feelings have finally realized what has been  there for so long. That we love each other

You slowly slip away from me climbing onto the train, our finger tips just touching and our lips for the first time, meeting and the huge explosion of feelings that are released with that one tender kiss

In still photographs the train begins its run, and suddenly all the words I should have said fill my mind. The ever smaller dot blurred, and I wipe my eyes feeling the droplets of tears that have suddenly sprung there

Leaving the station numb I had walked back through the park, and was sitting some time later, lost in my own deep thoughts shared with the rim of my beer glass, when the radio announced the fatal train crash Like coming out of a dream my tired eyes read the black headlines on the now faded newspaper, held by two old wrinkled hands. Headlines that had shouted out the end of my world.


So many years ago, and yet that moment of realization was even now so clear in my mind, the discovery, the loss, the heartache. My hands shook, and my breath came in gasps.

"Now, now" said a soft voice, "Put that paper down, you know how much it upsets you"

I looked up into a wrinkled and smiling face, and once more could see that girl in her best dress, as we kissed our last good-byes.

She had got off the train at the next station, not able to leave knowing that the love that we had been blinded to all the time . She had found me covered by disappear amongst the  crowds round the railway station trying to find out news of the train disaster, found me and grabbed my hand, as she had done my heart. With no further word being said we had left the noise and the bustle, me unable to fathom she was actually here.

She held my hand all the way back home that day, as we traced the steps made that morning.  Held my hand as the stars lit up the night sky and my dream became reality.rosesright.gif (12513 bytes)

I looked down as her fingers wrapped once again round mine. Held my hand then and ever since.