(One of the stories to be found in my book "STORIES FROM THE HEART")

It was another day at the office. He sat at his desk wading through the reams of computer printout, his fingers every now and then making a tip tap sound across the computer keyboard. His work was not exciting but it was a job. He earned enough to enjoy life, to have his own flat and to be able to live his life as he wanted to. Yes it was a job, but it was dull, dull, dull.

He completed yet another bug fix, and once again ran the program he had been working on. If it worked this time he thought he’d have a break. Perhaps he'd go and treat himself to a cup of tea or even nip out to the sandwich bar down the street and buy one of those huge cream cakes. He hit the run button and watched the program run through the various steps. There were a few warnings, but these could be cleared later, but it went through with a final “Completed Successful” message at the end.

Right he thought, a cup of tea it is. Shutting the folder of printout, he locked his screen and headed towards the floor below where the new coffee machine had just been installed. It was further away than the one on his own floor, but the tea out of it was at least drinkable.

He was fishing in his pocket for some change not noticing where he was going we he bumped into a form bending down to retrieve a cup of some liquid from the machine. He gasped an apology as the face of the startled woman bending over the machine gave him a look of pure anger as her drink splashed all over her. Again he mumbled an apology, noticing though that she was a person he had not seen before. He thought he knew all the good-looking women in the company, after all he was single and the Christmas parties at the office were famous for relationships. Or so he had been told, as so far the parties he had been to were pretty tame.

He picked up his tea and made his way back to his desk noticing as he did so, that it was time for lunch. He came back into the office and gathered by the lack of people that most of the department had gone to the pub for a liquid lunch. He sipped his tea and seated himself at the computer. Still he thought, it would give him some time to sign online and chat, as chatting on the internet was something he liked to do at lunchtimes rather than join the others down the pub.

He logged on and entered his normal chat room, signing on as Britblue the screen name he used when chatting. Several of the regulars were there, both male and female, and he spent some time having merry banter with them all. A new name appeared, Lost Angel, it was her first time in the chat room and he like the others made her welcome. While he chatted to her, something made the hairs at the back of his neck stand on end. He shivered, must be a draft. He went through the normal business when meeting a new person, finding out her “stats” as it was called. She was around his own age and sounded pretty good. He enjoyed her humour, and typed away merrily until the noise coming from the lift told him the others were coming back from the pub.

The next few days he seemed to spend more and more time chatting to Lost Angel, and found his chat changing to cyber hugs to kisses. To his joy he found the unlike many of the others she was actually in England, though he did not know where. She seemed reluctant to tell him.

The weeks turned to months, and Christmas loomed on the horizon also the company Christmas party. He should go, he told Lost Angel one lunchtime, just to show his face, but he was not sure how long he would stay. Lost Angel agreed, her own work party was the same night, and she thought the same about just making an appearance.

He had been trying to make arrangements to meet his Angel for some time, but she seemed unsure about meting a person in real life that she had met chatting on the net. Their times together had become physical, albeit in a cyber way, and both knew what pleased the other and what how the other could please them.

The night of the party, he made an aperance, there were plenty of laughter and jokes. There was even somebody providing music, which as the evening went on people actually began to dance to. He had intended to leave mid-evening, but as the drink went down and the music got louder, he actually found himself enjoying the evening.

His evening seemed to get even better we he spotted the girl he had bumped into those months ago at the tea machine, and noticed for the first time how good she looked. Charged with liquid courage and the spirit of Christmas, he made his way over to her and started talking to her. He found her utterly charming and soon was getting along as if they had known each other for a long time. Her name was Michelle and she worked in the accounts office on the floor below. They chatted and laughed together, and as the evening went on they danced, held each other, and as the last record faded into the night he kissed her, and found his heart suddenly beating like a Sledgehammer.

He took her home, kissing her once more as he said goodnight. Their hands did not want to part, but she told him no when he asked about a coffee, she laughed. “Last time we had coffee, you made me spill mine.” Laughing she kissed him one last time and before he could answer skipped away. With a final “See you.” disappeared into the doorway.

He made his way home, not sure of his emotions. He was feeling something he had never felt before and did not know what to do. He needed to talk to somebody. He needed to speak to Lost Angel.

The next morning being a Saturday he was up and checking his email hoping to see his Angel in the chatroom. He was pleased to see the light flashing on his PC telling him there was fresh mail , and when he checked found it to be from Lost Angel.

As soon as she logged on he could tell she was bubbling over with excitement. Like him, she had met a person at her work's party. She spent paragraphs going on about how tender and kind he was, how he had made her laugh and the feeling she got when he had kissed her. He was a little jealous, but understood. After all he had met somebody to. He replied,telling her his own story about the person he had met, and how his heart had not stopped since the meeting her. Lost Angel sked him to meet her in the chatroom that night.

Throughout the day his mind wandered to Michelle. She seemed like he had known her forever they had seemed so natural together. Come the evening Lost Angel was already in the chatroom, and before he could start telling her his news, she was telling him all about the wonderful person he to had met.

As the evening went on, something seemed to be sounding bells in the back of his brain, suddenly she stopped typing and left him wondering where she had gone.

Suddenly it hit him, the description of the party, the things they had told each other about the person they had found, why hadn’t they spotted it before?

She sent him a private mail message, “Is it? are you ?, was it?”

She didn’t know what to say, and neither did he. Again the message came to his screen.
"Call me please." Then a phone number, something Lost Angel had never given him before.

He disconnected from the net, and dialed the number. A soft quiet voice answered the phone.

“Hello” said the soft voice and his heart flipped in his chest

“Michelle?” he asked

“You.” she said, “It really was you.”

He did not know if she was happy, sad or what. Her voice went quiet and he thought he heard a faint sob.

“Michelle, you're Lost Angel. You really are?”

“A faint laugh came from the phone “None other”

They both laughed and started to talk at the same time. The telephone call lasted four hours, and neither could remember what was said.

They agreed to meet the next evening at a local pub where they laughed and joked about the Christmas party and how they had been telling each other about the person they had met, without knowing they had been talking about each other. The evening went on, gaps of silence appeared in their conversation.

Suddenly Michelle stood up. “This is ridiculous,” she said and grabbing him by the hand dragged him, uncomplaining out the door. They moved along the road, not saying a word, and this time she did not stop outside her flat but opened the door and pushed him in.

“Look” she said when they had entered her small home “We know each other better than this. We have loved each other many times. We know how things are. We know what each other likes, and we know how we feel about each other.”

He did not say a word, just nodded his head

“Now,” she said “Come here and kiss me.”

He went to kiss her and suddenly had an idea. They had always typed things to each other before, and that apart from the Christmas party, that is how they new each other best.

As he went to kiss her he started talking as if he was typing.

“Moving forward I kiss your soft and tender lips” he said, kissing Michelle.

She understood at once and joined in.

“Feeling your lips on mine, remembering the touch of them, and the love you show me” she said, kissing him back.

“Tenderly kissing you” he continued

“Feeling you in my arms, and wanting you” she replied

“Wanting, and needing you” he slowly said, looking at her.

She kissed him, and looked into his eyes,  “Then take me darling. Take me as you have so often on the net. Love me as you know I love to be loved.”

They started that night to do with each other as they had talked about so often. The loved, they gave each other what they had dreamed of for so long, adding to it with every movement of their bodies and every beat off their hearts.

After that they never stopped. People at the office did not know why the both had huge grins on their faces.

There love knew no bounds. They sat next to each other at her home, their PC’s just touching, as were they.  Themselves, the kissing the touching, the feeling enacted the words that were typed, and the typing stopped when their loving started as they reached highs they never knew existed.

Nobody knew about their relationship. That is, until yet another collection made it way round the office, and when people checked as to who this one was for, the names of two people who were getting married were Britblue and Lost Angel

©Barry Eva 1999