He sat there reading over a story on the Internet. It was a sad story about a graduation and the loss of a love. Tears pricked his eyes as he completed the story.

He started to think of his own life and how it had changed over the last few years.

It had all started some three years ago, when he had first met Shannon.

He really hadn't wanted to go to the family get-together. A night out with his friends sounded a lot better than talking to ancient Aunts and weird cousins. But he did go. She was there. Shannon. She was a friend of his cousin, visiting from Arizona and soon Trey found himself being drawn more and more to this beautiful guest.

They chatted well into the evening, smiles and laughter making the evening go by much to quickly for the both of them. That night he slept dreaming of the new woman in his life and wishing the one thing he had learned from their conversation did not exist. Shannon already had a boyfriend.

Over the next few days he and Shannon had spent more and more time together, filling their lives and their hearts with each other's presence. One evening, she took him by the hand to a small clearing in a nearby woods that had become special to them. A place away from prying family eyes. She turned and kissed him gently and his lips tingled with the fire of her touch. His arms wrapped around her as his lips seeked hers for more of the sweetness, but she pushed him away.

"Wait," she said. "I have something to tell you."

He stopped back, his hand trailing down Shannon's arm until it held her hand gently in his own.

"What, love?" he asked, his heart beating out of control as his mind went through so many possibilities.

She smiled and squeezed his hand. "You know I told you I had a boyfriend back in Arizona?"

He nodded, and his heart seeming to waiting for her reply.

"Well," she said, and a smile as large as Texas spread across her face. "I haven't any more. That position is open for a special Texan."

His heart did a somersault as he realized what she had just said. He pulled her to him, lips finding hers once more. Her words "Position Filled" were lost in a kiss that went on and on.

The next month was one mad whirl of Shannon and the love they had found together. She stayed at his house so they could be together, each day being a new discovery of their love. Eventually it was time for Shannon to go back to Arizona. They parted amidst tears and promises of eternal love.

Each day they phoned, but as the months passed, distance seemed to get in the way, until one night at a party he met and ended up with a girl he had desired since the sixth grade. Knowing that things would develop, like an idiot he had ended his relationship with Shannon.

He had been a fool, he soon realized, losing a love for one night of passion, and to be honest, not a very good night. Life after that had gone very sour. He didn't blame Shannon for ignoring him. He had been the one to ruin what had been so good up to that time.

They had gone their separate ways, yet at the same time, they found themselves being drawn back to each other, calling one another if either of them had a problem, knowing that the other one was there and they would understand.

In the meantime, he had met another woman, never thinking he would ever have a second chance with Shannon. As the days went by, he found himself talking more and more with Shannon, and with the talk, the regrets and the pain seemed to ease for the both of them, each call placing another plank in the bridge between both their lives that he had broken.

One day he had received a letter from Shannon, which was something strange, as up to now they had always talked on the phone or on the computer. He opened it, not sure what it was, happy and worried at the same time.

It was an invitation to Shannon's graduation, handwritten on the back was a message.

"The position is open for somebody to take me to the Graduation Prom."He at once wrote back to her, placing just two words on the reply. His mind raced back to that moment in woods, when she had said words much the same, asking him to be her boyfriend.

He at once wrote back to her, placing just two words on the reply.

"Position Filled."

He took a flight to Arizona, and as soon as they had met the pain of the last three years just vanished. As both of them realized what they had missed, finding their love had grown even stronger from being apart.

That had been a year ago when he went to turn off the computer and a pair of hands softly covered his eyes.

"Stop," said a voice that he knew so well,. "I was just reading that story." He held the hand of the woman who had given him a second chance while she finished reading the story over his shoulder, tears springing to her eyes as they had done his own.

"That," she said, "is a beautiful story."

He pulled her round until she was sitting on his lap, then kissed the fresh tears from her face.

"Perhaps," he said in between kisses, "I should contact the writer, and ask him to write our story?"

She smiled and the rest of his words were once more lost in a kiss.

"And this, Dear Reader, is that story."

Barry Eva 2004