Based on LOVE POTION NUMBER 9 by the Clovers or the Searchers

When I was just a clean-cut youth, I met Juanita with her single tooth
She said she knew how to make me feel fine,
Was when I first heard of Position 69.

I told her I was innocent of sexual tricks
I'd been that way since 1966
She looked at my palm said, I see how you spend your time,
But I'll make you an expert at Position 69.

She pushed me down then turned around and gave me a wink,
She said, now go down there, enjoy yourself, and do what you think,
Looked like a hedgehog but had a fishy like stink.
I held my breath, I closed my eyes, I took a drink.

Now I practice every day and night, just hope I am doing it right
But when I got a sore around my lips big time
I had to stop my Position 69.

(If searchers version repeat the last verse)

Position 69

(Well its 96 really, I just can't afford to eat out anymore)

Position 69.