She woke with a start, for a brief moment lost as to where she was, before the reality of the strange room seeped back into her consciousness.

She was with him.

After all the times spend dreaming, scheming, planning she was finally with him.

She moved her foot slightly and felt the warmth of his body, the soft aching of her own body reminding her of their love making..

Up until this time, theirs had been a romance of words typed on a screen or a stolen few minutes on the phone. The reality of being with him, the touch, the feel of his hands on her, the way he made her feel and the way he said she had made him feel had not been a let down for either of them. It had been a dream blooming into reality, words could not explain the heights they had reached or the feeling of shear happiness of being together.

Pale strands of moonlight seeped between half-drawn curtains, like silver threads, displaying the urge of their wanting. Clothes lay wherever they had been dropped. The sheets like waves tossed before a storm, lay across their naked bodies.

Her mind wondered back to the moment they had finally met, like slow motion pictures, visions of being in each other's arms, and the warmth and passion of that first kiss.

Up until today, theirs had been an Internet romance, separated by distance, yet knowing that two hearts were beating as one. Knowing theirs was something special, that reality could not live with or understand.

From that first kiss, that first touch, her body had become more alive, more wanting, than she had ever known.

They had driven to the hotel, words no longer needing to be said, small talk over, a look, a touch, saying it all.

Once in the room, ever second was precious, the noise of their love echoing round their hearts, filling the emptiness that was there for both of them.

Bodies became one, as he took her to heights she never knew existed. Theirs was a love writers can find no words to describe, that artists can never display. Theirs was a love that only true lover know.

After the fire of their first joining, they had lain, exhausted, bodies sweetly aching, wrapped in the safety of each other's arms.

Words had been said, soft talk that only lovers know and understand, before once more he had reached for her. This time soft, gentle, sensual, each wanting to give, each wanting to please the other and show the deepness of their love.

She reached out and touched his still form, running her fingers lightly across the lips that had given her so much pleasure, still not quite able to comprehend that they were together at last. His soft breathing faltered and his arm went round her pulling her to him, holding her in the place she had longed to be for so long, safe in his arms.

For now she must sleep, knowing the morning light would bring once more the passion they both longed for, both desired. Then like a bubble burst on the fingers of the sun's rays, their time would be over. Tears would be shed. Hearts would break. Knowing that their one night, their few stolen hours would be over. Each would return to the reality of their normal life, normal partners. Back to words on a screen or a stolen phone call. Their reality just a dream, their dream no more a reality. She kissed his arm. That was in the morning, but for now they had each other.

Barry Eva 2005