Summer Dreams


The summer was never ending, day after day spent in fields of waving corn, the gentle sound of humming insects filled the air, and sensual concoctions of a an English summer meadow filled ones mind. In a giant oak tree seemingly there since the dawning of the ages, sat a young boy and girl, both touched by the suns golden paintbrush, neither caring what the world would bring, both lost in the joys of youth.

The boy stopped poking a stick into the tree trunk and looked into the eyes of freckled face girl who sat next to him, making a chain of daisies. His own pale blue eyes squinted as he looked into the sunlight which seemed to make a halo around the girls face.

"Julie" he said, still not sure enough of what to say or if he was right even trying to say it. The girl looked up and seemed to sense this was a special moment she smiled a smile that dimmed the sunlight on the summer's day. He looked and knew he was right, and it was right, this was the moment.

"Julie" he said, this time his voice was sure and clear, "We are good friends aren't we?"

She smiled again" Alex, we are special friends"

"Well" Alex continued "I know we are both young, and there is the rest of our lives ahead of us" he looked into her dark brown eyes, would she laugh? Was she laughing inside at his stumbling attempts even now. The eyes that looked back showed nothing but concentration at what he was saying, though deep down he thought he could see something else, something he was not sure of.

He stumbled on, "We have been friends for a long time, and well, I.... hmmmm could we hmmmm I mean when we get older?" He was lost, he couldn't find the words.

She sensed his problem, and taking the daisy chain, placed it around his neck, then taking his hands in hers, she gently kissed him on the lips.

"Yes" she said "If you will wait, so will I, and yes, I feel the same" then slowly she kissed him again, this time with a kiss that went on like the long days of summer.

He was shaken, shocked, ecstatic, relieved, and so happy, all of these things and more.

The rest of the summer seemed to fly by, everyday was an adventure in life, enjoyed together, and shared as one. The secret world of their love, that only they knew, whispered words amidst laughter, slow walks with tightly held hands, lost in the summer of their youth.

All too soon it was the end of the holidays, and they must part for now, tears had been shed away from other prying eyes, wiped away by kisses of tender young love. Now as the day of separation came each brought a gift for the other to bind what had gone before. He had given her a carved piece of wood, it had taken him hours and many attempts to finally get there initials joined together. She had given him a handkerchief, embroidered by her own hand "Alex and Julie Forever as One".

He had taken that handkerchief with him wherever he went from that day on until, as time went by; it lay forgotten at the back of the draw in his childhood bedroom. Forgotten that is for 15 years until he had discovered it again, and all those dreams of youth had come flooding back.

He stood there holding it in his hand, looking at the now fading letters picked out in ragged stitches "Alex and Julie Forever as One"

Where had those days gone? Lost in past.

"Alex" a voice came from outside the room "Where are you?"

It was his wife who had come to look for him, "I'm in here darling"

She came in, and seeing him holding the old handkerchief in his hand, broke into a huge sun bright smile that seemed to light up her brown eyes.

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked putting her arms around his neck

"Yes Julie" he said gently kissing her "Some dreams really do come true".

Barry Eva 1998