This Summer - A story of Love


I woke from a deep sleep. The early summer sun sending shards of sunlight through the gap I had left trying to pull curtains together when in no shape to know what I was doing. My head felt like cotton wool, suffering as I was from the sunrise-well, not just one sunrise several of them. Not that I am some form of vampire mind you. The sunrises killing my brain right now were Tequila Sunrises I had consumed while trying to sort out my life last night. My mouth felt like some poor drowning sailors, with the salt on my lips, and my mouth still tasting of lime.

This year I thought, it would be different. I fished out of my pocket a crinkled piece of paper, I had scrawled on last night in a hand made unsteady by the alcohol. The liquid crutch I needed to finally realize that my life had to go on.

I would move across town to a new house I already had my eye on. I'd start again, without any memories or clutter of the heartbreak I had suffered last summer. Never again would I go through what had hurt me so badly, I thought. In fact, I would not even mention it again, or her name. So please don't expect me to go into what had happened. Just know it had.

This summer would be different. I'd move across the town to the new house, promenade above the beach until my face went brown. Then I'd start the casual hands in pockets stroll along the sea front, watching the girls in their cotton dresses, as they walk by in two's and three's, the gentle sea breeze stirring the material revealing promises of what could be.

I'd tell them I was a sailor waiting for ship, smile the smile I'd worked on all winter to melt their hearts. We'd lose ourselves among the sand dunes. Share sandy kisses, and know the feel of breasts as smooth as stones washed by the sea. We'd share our love and promises, as our bodies molded into each other.

Love, tinted by the red glow from the summer's setting sun. I'd love them for the time I was with them, be sad when they had to leave, wipe the tears away with soft kisses, but never give my heart again..

I took the paper with the plans of summer and dropped it into the waiting rubbish bin, filled with other dreams swept away by the reality of the day. I could not forget her, no matter how much I tried, my heart would always tell me of the hurt. That was until the next time the sunrises were used to calm the sunset of my love.

© Barry Eva December 2004