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When I was 45 I started to run again and these are some of my times I managed to do and a little bit about each event. The vets league was interesting being a series of track meets just for the over 40's where you could basically try whatever event you wanted to do.

Some like the Only Fools Not Horses we ran around a three day event course over the fences through the water etc were great fun, others were part of the Sussex Grand Prix and series events.

10K BRIGHTON 21-Nov-99 40.50 Good race, good conditions, ran well
10K CHICHESTER 05-Jan-00  41.11 Good race beat Roger for the first time
10K WORTHING 09-Jun-99 42.02 Mid Week grand Prix went for it, 163/m147/m40:49
10K EPSOM 30-May-99 42.21 Wet, first 3 miles at around 6:40, 4-5 slowed, finished ok
10K SELSEY 20-Jun-99 42.29 Weather got hotter during race, slowed again, 4-5, tired finish
10K CHICHESTER 07-Feb-99 42.30 Windy, went of quick, held on to recall good time
10K HERNE BAY 21-Mar-99 42.46 Wet, cold, windy, struggled but kept going
10K HEATHERLY 23-May-99 43.08 Not to good, knee ached, kept going
10k BARNET 02-May-99 43.20 Undulating and hot
10K HORTON-ON-THE-HILL 27-Jun-99 43.42 Calf ache from training, 4 hills, steady enjoyed
10K ROCHESTER 11-Jul-99 44.00 VERY HOT!! steady passed many dropouts
10K HELLINGLEY not sure-99 44.27 Hilly and Hot
10K HASTINGS 16-Jan-00 44.28 Steady start, ran up all hills, finished  well
10K SEAFORD 12-Jun-99 45.00 One hill, then cross country, steady, aching after Wednesday
10K BRIGHTON/WORTHING 15-Nov-98 45.03 Nice day, cool, flat course, enjoyed
10K DEAL CASTLE 25-Jul-99 45.09 VERY HOT !!, and several steap hills, still got round
10K HASTINGS 15-Jan-99 46.25 Rush to start, no warm up, very bad during and after race, hilly
10K SOUTHEND 11-Oct-98 46.38 Slow start, crowded, got hot, number full off
10K HEATHERLY 31-May-98 47.20 Cheshire Homes  6 & 10
10K CANVEY ISLAND 25-Oct-98 47.26 Slow start, windy, nice course
10K DEAL CASTLE 26-Jul-98 47.50 Jon ran fun event
10K HERNE BAY 15-Mar-98 48.02 Enjoyed the event
10K HORTON-ON-THE-HILL 29-Jun-98 48.06 Some hills, but nice event
10K SEAFORD 05-Apr-98 48.12 Hilly, did not really enjoy it
10K LINDFIELD (XC) 25-May-98 48.12 Cross Country
10K Maskell Sch Padd Wood 12-Mar-00 48.36 Ran with Dawn for first 6k then went for it.. so not bad
10K HEATHFIELD 21-Jun-98 50.09 Hot and Hilly, Struggled
10K HASTINGS 08-Jan-98 58.56 Hilly (1st race)
5 MILE HOVE 26-Sep-99 34.11 Windy and Hot
5MILE CANVEY ISLAND, NICOLE 25-Apr-99 35.00 Started slow, but got qicker, week after marathon
5MILE PITSEY 08-Nov-98 36.42 Good course, enjoyed, went of fast and suffered
5 MILE GOODWOOD XC 30-Oct-99 36.46 Stopped after 1 lap as very tired due to work, completed
5MILE HAVANT 30-Aug-98 37.20 Nice course, ache from football, very hot
5MILE CANVEY ISLAND, NICOLE 06-Apr-98 37.42 Went off to quick
5MILE HOVE 20-Sep-98 40.00 Good course, but suffering from throat infection, tough
5MILE BURGESS HILL 11-Jun-98 41.10 Very muddy cross country
7300ntrs BRIGHTON PHOENIX 14-Nov-99 30.10 First run after NY and France trip
10MILE HAILSHAM 16-May-99 71.52 Hot, 2 laps undulating, (111th)
10MILE FOLKSTONE 02-Apr-99 73.42 Flat, enjoyd, hot day
10MILE CHISLEHURST  14-Feb-99 74.33 Flat,3 laps, steady, enjoyed course, but not event
10MILE CANTERBURY 31-Jan-99 75.01 Slow start, 2 hills 5&7, got quicker, really enjoyed
10MILE HAYLING ISLAND 29-Nov-98 77.40 Nice run, took it steady
10MILE THANET 06-Dec-98 78.09 Cold, windy, steady,finished ok
10MILE FOLKSTONE 01-Apr-98 81.45 Good run
12 MILE SWANAGE 31-Jul-99 93.23 VERY HOT, VERY HILLY, Nice day out for the family
1/2 MARATHON BRIGHTON  26-Feb-00 92.15 Night after dinner dance, windy and new route
HASTINGS 2000 98.31 Good run on the hilly course
1/2 MARATHON BRIGHTON 28-Feb-99  109.46  Windy, but did well
1/2 MARATHON BOROUGH GREEN 106.26 Had hip problems because of knee, struggled
1/2 MARATHON BRIGHTON 27-Feb-98 122.00 First Half Marathon, after dinner dance
20 MILE WORTHING 28-Mar-99 157.35 Hot but completed, first long race
20 MILE WORTHING Mar-2000 146.27 Best race at this distance, gained a good position
MARATHON LONDON  1999 266.27 Pepperani costume
LONDON  1990  270.00  
LONDON  1998 300.00 Teabag costume
LONDON 2000 283.13 Millenium Bear
7.5Km PLUMTON Jan-99 54.56 VMuddy XC, 3 windy circuits
PLUMTON 09-Jan-00  32.50  Good conditions, not as muddy as last year
7 MILE DITEN 12/13/98 51.28 XC, enjoyed
4 MILES BLENHAM 09/13/98 31.55 Fools Not Horses
WORTHING 01/30/00 27.01 Windy for 1st 2miles
5k SELSEY 09/14/99 20.45 Windy, but not bad, stopped to check car key a couple of times
2.5MILES EAST HOATHLY 08/30/99 21.56 Hot and still suffering from a cold
EAST HOATHLY 08/31/98 22.58
1 MILE HILL CLIMB 1999 6.56
MILLAND 3000 1999 14.26 This is a 3000mtr hill urcuit
1 MILE/1500Mtrs 06/06/99 5.53 Followed Alisan, and out sprinted her at the finish
5000Mtrs 05/20/99 21.53 Stopped after 7 laps knee ache, but completed
05/04/00 21.18
3000Mtrs 06/03/99 11.56
12.25 First run after the sickness at the Hailsham 10
400Mtrs 06/13/99 66.3secs Good time on school grass track
200Mtrs 09/22/99 29.2secs
100Mtrs  14.87secs
100mtrs HASTINGS  18/05/00  14.09 No Spikes
WORTHING 06/30/99 15.01 No spikes
200mtrs HASTINGS 06/02/99 30.00
BRIGHTON 06/15/99 30.50 Also 4x200 Relay my leg was 29secs
400mtrs WORTHING 06/30/99 66.28 No Spikes
2k WALK HASTINGS 05/18/00 12.46.01 Sprint finsih
BRIGHTON 06/15/99 13 31.8
SHOT HASTINGS 05/18/00 7.70mtr
WORTHING 06/30/99 7.21mtr
LONGJUMP HASTINGS 06/02/99  3.64mtr
DISCUS BRIGHTON 06/15/99  18.62mtr