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How good is your IT department?
Are you wasting money?
Is your data secured?
Could you recover from “any” from of disaster?

Barry Eva has been in IT for over forty years, working primary with Unix and Linux systems with several IT setup and companies. An ITIL trainer in incident and Problem management Barry has experience from the ground up that will help your IT department.

Along the way his in depth study of IT has saved companies many millions of pounds/dollars and won him several awards for his efforts in saving money and improving performance.

His experience in datacenter moves, and migrations, disaster recover, backups and restores, scheduling and contracts as well as ground level IT environments enables him to offer you his service to provide for you an "IT Health Check".

Using his knowledge Barry will study your current setup, security, disaster recovery, contracts, costing, performance as well as the handling of incidents and problems, data integrity, providing a report on issues as well as possible savings your company can make

Barry Eva
"Across The Pond LLC"